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Soon Electronic Sc Study a click away

Agency | Daily News Analysis

Place | Pune

Date | October 3, 2013

Time | 2:40 IST

Soon Electronic Sc Study a click away

3 city professors to develop e-content as part of National Mission for Higher Education scheme

If all goes well, then in the next three years, lakhs of electronics science students will have free-of-cost study material on the web to refer to.

The content will be developed by three city-based professors from University of Pune, Fergusson College and Garware College and it will be made available through two dedicated websites–  e-shashwat and inflibinet.

Under the ministry of human resources’ National Mission For Higher Education scheme, the project of developing e-content for ‘Electronics Science’ has been given to the University of Pune.

Dr Arvind Shaligram, head of the department, electronics science, UoP, Dr Nitin Kulkarni from Fergusson College and Dr Pandharinath Buchade from Garware College have been selected to design the syllabus for the e-content. The content will be developed as per the syllabus prescribed for NET and SET examinations.

Kulkarni said that the aim is to provide up-to-date information in the field of electronics to lakhs of students across the country. “The best part about the project is that the websites will be interactive wherein students can browse through the subject. If needed, they can post their questions and answers will be given to them,” he added.

According to him, the ministry has observed that there are several colleges where because of unavailability of the books in the library, students find it difficult to learn the subject.

“There are times when small colleges are not able to prescribe the latest journals and the study material in the electronics science field due to financial crunch,” he added.

He added that any student misses a lecture of electronics science would be able to refer to the e-content and learn on their own. Speaking about the model of the syllabus, he said that there will be four sections. Kulkarni said that after the development of the content, it will be sent to a panel of 15 professors for reevaluation. The professors are from IITs and other renowned institutes.

Section-wise  content

First section: Content related to the subject where up-to-date information will be given on each and every topic.

Second section: Focuses on audio-video in which practical sessions will be shown and the lectures of some renowned professors will be kept available in the form of audio.

Third section: The students can give self-assessments and even pose any question

Fourth section: Additional references of scholars who have done extensive research in the field.

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