Thursday, 23 April 2015

5 safest apps to send private and secure messages | You can use this for CAS & SDI Services

People are always looking for better ways to shield their communications from prying eyes. The `end to-end encryption' technology means that a message is ciphered before it's sent and then deciphered after it is received. This way, anyone looking to snoop on intermediary servers won't be able to understand the message.

erson to adopt into their everyday work. Now developers are figuring out new ways to make message-sending as easy as possible using this kind of encryption.


TextSecure is an Android app built for the sole purpose of secure texting. It was created by a group of developers known as Open Whisper Systems, who build suites of completely private communication apps and release the code to the world under an open-source license. TextSecure is OWS's Android solution. It provides end-toend encryption both over the air and in the actual phone. The app used to send encrypted messages using SMS standard. Last month, the app decided to nix SMS and send messages using data. This made it possible for users to send messages to TextSecure's iOS counterpart, Signal. The app requires users to have a unique passcode, which can be used to prove that they received the message. 


Signal is the iOS app made by t he O p en W h i s p e r S ys t em s pr oje c t . L i ke TextSecure, it provides complete security to protect users from any external snooping. It now supports sending and receiving messages from TextSecure, which runs on Android. The app uses the same encryption technology as its Android counterpart. 

Telegram (secret chats)

Telegram is a messaging app available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It was created by two brothers who helped launch the huge Russian social network V K (formerly VKontakte) in 2012. It offers two different types of chat op tions: normal chat -which has chats stored in the app's cloud, and `secret chat' -which uses end-to-end encryption. While the normal chat does not follow the most scrupulous securing processes, if a user sends only secret chats, that person ought to have their security bases covered. 

Silent Text

Silent Text is the secure messaging app from Silent Circle, one of the better-known companies building secure communication programs. Most famously, the company built the supposedly ultra-secure BlackPhone, which purports to be an NSA-snooping proof mobile device.Silent Text is said to be completely secure, using the best encryption practices available.But it requires a monthly subscription, which starts at $9.99 (`629 approx). 


Gliph is another messaging app, supposed to be completely secure. Its spin dif fers from most other apps, however, in that it also facilitates Bitcoin payments. The app allows users to anonymously send amounts of the digital currency to other Gliph users. It also has special message features, including the ability to set a message. expiration time as well as schedule messages

Source | Economic Times | 22 April 2015